Community & Marketing Manager

Nexus Labs is looking for team member #2!

Position: Community & Marketing Manager

Reports to: James Dice

Location: Remote (US-based)

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About Nexus Labs

Nexus Labs exists to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon built environment. Smart building technology drives this transition and also catalyzes each stakeholder’s core business and financial sustainability.

We do this by engaging three core constituencies: Technology investors and startups, the supply chain, and building owners. We're challenging the status quo by elevating and telling the stories of changemakers and providing a platform to educate and find jobs for the next generation of changemakers.

Who are we looking for?

Nexus Labs is hiring a Community & Marketing Manager. The new team member will support our membership and student base, develop and execute our marketing strategy, plan and support our Nexus podcast and blog, and orchestrate events.

What you will be working on:

Community Building

  • Plan and execute the member experience for our 300+ Nexus Pro members
  • Plan and execute the student and alumni experience for our Nexus Foundations course and future courses
  • Manage the Nexus Jobs Board and our strategy to increase diversity in the Nexus community and industry at large
  • Work with members to develop community-driven content

Marketing and Communications

  • Develop and execute Nexus Labs’ brand and marketing strategy, including the Nexus Labs website, newsletter, and social media accounts
  • Grow and support the Nexus podcast, including planning episodes, coordinating production, and expanding listenership
  • Support the development of public-facing articles and materials and review and edit messaging to ensure it is thorough and on-brand
  • Leverage the Nexus brand and channels to support our business development and partnerships
  • Track and analyze Nexus Labs' marketing metrics through data collection of specific communications or campaigns
  • Develop and implement Nexus Labs' public and private events, including logistics, event marketing, and outreach

About You

  • 1 to 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field
  • Marketing experience and demonstrated success in executing marketing campaigns
  • Experience managing and growing public-facing brands and social media accounts
  • Knowledge of and interest in the smart buildings and/or climate technology ecosystems
  • Strong project management, communication, and writing skills
  • Intellectual curiosity with strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail and organization of documents, deliverables, and metrics
  • Experience in graphic design, podcasting, online education, or community building is a plus


Competitive pay will be offered commensurate with qualifications, and competitive benefits will be provided including 100% coverage of select comprehensive medical plans, 401(k) plan, flexible time off, and annual professional development budget.

Company History & Values

The company was founded in 2019 as the Nexus Newsletter, while James was working full time at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In early 2020, the Nexus Podcast was added on, followed by the Nexus Pro membership and the Nexus Foundations course. Today, the Nexus community is worldwide and still growing.

We're looking to you to help take our impact to the next level. Starting with you, we'll build a team rooted in our core values:

  1. Sustainability: Our driving motivation is to address the climate crisis with innovation. Driving sustainability also means driving sustainable business value for building owners, so we focus heavily on the overall digitization of commercial real estate assets.
  2. Pragmatic Innovation: Nexus is rooted in James' engineering background. We cut through the fluff to what's real. We don't believe in tech for tech's sake—we believe in leveraging technology to solve real problems. That said, the status quo is unacceptable and we believe in driving change. Addressing the climate crisis requires the ambition to completely reimagine and rebuild our built environment. At Nexus, we challenge ourselves—and our partners—to act boldly and innovate quickly.
  3. Continuous Learning: From day one, Nexus has been about sharing ideas, gathering feedback, asking questions, and seeking insights from across the industry. The team will embody that ethos and work to support it in the community. No company has the ability to drive change all by itself. Through our partnerships and community, we’re enabling the collaboration and learning we need.
  4. Diversity: One of our values is to broaden leadership opportunities for women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and anyone with an experience historically underrepresented in our industry. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive, safe, and growth-oriented environment for all members of our team. [That said, we realize we have a long way to go on this front and we expect it to be a major focus for James and the Community & Marketing Manager moving forward.]
  5. Quality: In a time of rapid industry change, there's a ton of extra noise, hype, and fluff. Nexus is a signal in the noise for our community. Everything we do must be worth their precious time and earn their trust to keep coming back and giving back.

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