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"Energy efficiency is my 12th highest priority" [Nexus Newsletter #93]

Hey friends,

A few years back, I was up on stage at an American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) conference and I heard a quote I'll never forget.

I had just finished a presentation about how fault detection & diagnostics (FDD) and the monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) process can help hospitals meet their energy savings goals.

It was time for Q&A, and the first person to raise their hand was a facility manager I knew from a big healthcare system in Kansas City:

"James, I hear you on all this energy stuff, but let me honest: Energy efficiency is like my 12th highest priority. Can you talk about how this technology helps us improve patient satisfaction and satisfy the Joint Commission?"

His point was absolutely spot on, and the takeaway can be applied far beyond the healthcare industry.

Every building has common "jobs-to-be-done" that can be done better with tech. For example, every building has equipment that needs to be maintained. Every building has expenses and energy consumption that can be minimized.

But here's the kicker: each industry has unique jobs-to-be-done that will likely be higher on stakeholders' priority lists.

For example, there are two main healthcare-specific jobs-to-be-done that are top of mind for facility managers:

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations—Hospitals need to prove that they're complying with state health and safety codes. In fact, inspectors show up uninvited to check things out.
  • Patient satisfaction—In some countries, like the US, patient satisfaction surveys are used to decide how much compensation a hospital can receive from government/insurance programs (Medicare, Medicaid). And when the hospital makes most of their revenue off of elective surgeries, patient experience is a huge competitive advantage.

Guess what? Technology can help here too. Starting here is how technology providers can climb up the priority list—even if you're an energy engineer with a career mission to halt climate change!

Success in the buildings industry requires human engagement and finding ways to meet your humans where they're at.

The alternative is to watch your technology collect virtual dust on a virtual shelf.


P.S. I'd love to hear some similar examples from other industries (Data centers, office, cannabis, higher ed, retail, grocery, government, etc) Hit reply and let me know how technology can move up the priority ladder!

✖ At the Nexus

Here’s everything we published this week:

★ PODCAST: 🎧 #068: Ben Myers of BXP on decarbonizing 50 million square feetBen started out in the industry in energy management like I did and has expanded his expertise into enterprise sustainability, carbon accounting and reporting, de-carbonizing construction, and much more.

This is a great look at one of the most progressive building owners in terms of their commitment to reducing the carbon intensity and user experience of their building stock.


LIVE BROADCAST: Why DEI matters for our industry—Join us Thursday as we unpack what we can do to build an industry where everyone is welcome.

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SME Workshop: Ariel Smith on the state of real-time carbon accounting (Pro members only)—We had an intimate discussion last week in our monthly SME workshop on the challenges with 24/7 carbon accounting.

🔎 Signal vs. Noise

Only the best smart building resources we consumed this week…


CARBON-FREE: Streamlining Electrification in Support of Decarbonization—ASHRAE journal article on how decarbonization will require plumbing and HVAC designers to actually work together. How novel. 😉


WATER MANAGEMENT: Google to replenish 20% more water than it uses in offices and data centers by 2030As we've learned in our podcasts with Google, they tend to drive supply chain transformation.


BAS INDUSTRY: What are we going to GIVE AWAY next?Aussie consultant and YouTuber Bryce Anderson with some real talk for the BAS industry: 10 years ago, you "gave away" Energy Management. 5 years ago, you "gave away" analytics software. What are you going to give away next?

"We are not hungry to innovate... We had the wrong business model."

Pairs well with: FDD for Mechanical and Controls Service Delivery


NEW-TO-ME: New startups sliding across my desk this week...

  • Basking.io—"infrastructure-as-a-sensor platform" (🤷) for occupancy analytics
  • Sinai Technologies—Corporate decarbonization platform

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This week's featured roles:

Nexus Labs: Community & Marketing Manager (📍Remote - US)

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