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How can analytics go mainstream? [Nexus Newsletter #149]

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“It’s not first to market that wins, it’s the first to cross the chasm.”

—Geoffrey Moore

Hey friends,

Do you ever feel like the Universe is speaking directly to you?

During a visit to my parents' house, my mom had a stack of books that she wanted to give away. She had set them out to see if I wanted any of them. One of them was not like the others: Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore.

If you haven’t read it, here’s the main premise of the book: Motivations for buying a new technology product are vastly different, depending on who is buying. There are groups of buyer personas with similar motivations that line up along a bell curve called the Technology Adoption Lifecycle:

The innovators and visionary early adopters want huge changes and are willing to bet on them against the odds. But people in the early majority (and beyond) are much more pragmatic. They don’t want big changes and huge innovations, but rather incremental improvements based on using proven products and solutions.

This gap between the early adopters and the early majority is called the chasm. In order to cross it, you need to successfully progress from left to right… or else you get stuck and die.

Before we get to why this is relevant to us, back to the Universe: I have no clue why my mom owned this book. She doesn’t do new technology. She hasn’t started a startup, nor does she plan to cross the chasm someday. There was no rational reason for this hand-me-down to occur. This must be some sort of sign...

Since I don’t take these signs lightly, I took the book. After I read it, I realized the Universe was asking me (and therefore us) to think about this question:

How can analytics for buildings go mainstream?

Fair warning: this is a juicy one.

Read this deep dive on our website here.

—James Dice, Founder of Nexus Labs

P.S. What impact has "Crossing the Chasm" had on your smart building journey?

A message from our partner, Butlr:

Occupancy data drives a variety of use cases across workplace experience, real estate planning and smart FM and is too valuable to be siloed in a walled garden. Every building and workplace would benefit from accurate, private, cost effective occupancy data accessible via API.

Listen to The Nexus Podcast with Rags Gupta, President of Butlr, on their approach to providing accurate API-first occupancy data at a fraction of the cost while not being physically able to collect personally identifiable information.

✖ At the Nexus

Here’s everything worth sharing from Nexus HQ this week:


★ PODCAST: 🎧 #122: Matt Ellis on The New Business Case for Decarbonization and Why Platforms are VitalEpisode 122 is a conversation with Matt Ellis, founder and CEO of Measurabl, the ESG platform.

We talked about Measurabl’s product, recent acquisitions, product roadmap, and why the platform approach is key for serving the ESG software market. If you nerd out, like I do, on decarbonization and tech in real estate, you gotta love listening to Matt.



  • New Member Orientation: Nexus Founder, James Dice, hostED an introduction to the Nexus Labs Community and how you access and take advantage of all the resources that come with your Pro Membership. This is for new members or those who've not taken advantage of all the resources at the Nexus Community.
  • Subject Matter Expert Workshop: CTO and Co-Founder of SmartLocus, Inc., Victor Taylor, lead us with A Primer on Machine Learning. Pro members can find the recording on Nexus Connect.
  • Member Gathering: Macerich's Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Ryan Knudson will lead the discussion on Macerich's Smart Building Program. October 26 @ 9:00am MT.

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★ ON LINKEDIN: The Nexus Labs Syndicate just launched last week, but our investment thesis has been forming for years.


★ READ OF THE WEEK: Fred Wilson on How Demand Response Prevented Blackouts in September


★ JOBS: Are you hiring? Searching for a job in smart buildings?—We've relaunched the Nexus Labs Jobs Board and we've made job postings free.

It's got great jobs from Belimo, Lockheed Martin, The Clarient Group, Vigilent Corporation, Grosvenor Engineering Group, Siemens, Virtual Facility, Clockworks Analytics, Watts, and LMRE.


🔥🔥🔥 Hot Jobs in Smart Buildings

👉 Belimo is looking for a Smart Building Specialist in Hinwil, Switzerland.

Belimo produces millions of sensors and actuators for the HVAC industry. All their devices have a digital identity and participate in the Belimo Digital Ecosystem. This job will enable you to develop your skills further and make a difference in an ecosystem of small devices with a big impact.

👉 Lockheed Martin has two open positions:

  1. Building Management Systems Controls Engineer in Startford, CT.
  2. Fault Detection & Diagnostics Lead in Moorestown-Lenola, NJ.

These positions support the Smart Buildings Team within the Lockheed Martin Rotary & Mission Systems (RMS) Facilities organization. The selected candidate will initially work under the guidance of the team with the goal of quickly becoming an independent subject matter expert.

As a leading technology innovation company, Lockheed Martin’s vast team works with partners around the world to bring proven performance to our customers’ toughest challenges.

A message from our partner, Tietoa:

After participating in the Nexus Foundations course, Sam Kovar is hooked on smart buildings. As an outsider, he sees a future where this industry can move forward faster with better communications. He wants to be an independent creative resource (15+ years of experience in strategic communications, creative consulting, and technical execution for video, animation, and photography) for helping the Nexus community connect to their customers and grow their audiences.

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