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🚀Launching the Nexus Jobs Board! [Nexus Newsletter #91]

Hey there,

One of my greatest joys since starting Nexus has been matchmaking.

It's an honor to help connect community members to each other, startups to investors, and aspiring changemakers to new jobs.

And today I'm excited to announce that we're gearing up to take that latter category to the next level!

🔊 Announcing the Nexus Labs Jobs Board!

We’ve partnered with Pallet to curate open smart buildings technology roles at startups and leading building owners that we think would be great places to make an impact.

At a recent Nexus Pro member gathering, 87% of our members said they believe there is a talent crisis in the industry today. For employers, it's a huge challenge to fill open roles. For applicants, it's an equal challenge to find the right gig for your passions, skills, and desired culture.

It could be the #1 thing holding the industry back. A jobs board by no means solves this, but hopefully it’s a small step towards bringing more committed and capable folks to leverage their powers for moving us forward.


🙋‍♀️ Job Seekers

Discover and filter open roles at leading technology companies

Our weekly newsletter job listings are all now viewable in one place. A much-requested feature: you can filter roles by function, location, and seniority. Jobs will stay live for 30 days. We’ll release new roles (along with the newsletter) every week on Tuesday mornings.


🧑‍💻 Talent Seekers

Get in front of 5,000+ of the most in-the-know smart buildings nerds

Startups, funds, and organizations working on creating smarter buildings can submit open roles to get featured directly on our job board. We have two categories: Standard and Promoted. Through the end of the month, post one job for free!

Standard posting fees will go towards our time in verifying and maintaining the quality of the board. We'll be checking for:

✅ Obvious innovation via advanced technology

✅ Limit of 3 Standard (or 5 Standard + Promoted) posts per company

✅ Clear communication to applicants on company equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy and/or strategy for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Promoted posting fees will go towards our time promoting those jobs right here in the newsletter and elsewhere.


Moving the industry forward will take all of us chipping in. All of us collaborating and leveraging our talents on the right problems. We're out to make that (just a tad) easier.

Got a question about posting or applying? Hit reply and let me know!


P.S. Check out this week's promoted jobs at the end of this newsletter in the new jobs section!

P.P.S. You'll notice Nexus Labs is hiring, too! We're looking for full time team member #2... If you're a Nexus fan, please apply or help us find the right candidate!

✖ At the Nexus

Here’s everything we published this week:

🎧#066: Cara Carmichael on Our Roadmap to Zero Carbon BuildingsWe walked through each of the major steps to make buildings zero carbon. For each, we talked about where we are today versus where we need to be, which led to a great discussion on trends and innovation needed.

“I am hopeful. I feel like we're coming together around this issue in a way that I've never experienced in the past. This is something that's within our power to do something about."


July/August 2021 Member DigestThese digests are designed to Nexus Pro members time and allow them to catch up on the whole month. Or, in this case, two months. Members-only recordings, conversations, and content all in one place.

🔎 Signal vs. Noise

Only the best smart building resources we consumed this week…

CARBON-FREE: Decarbonizing the Built Environment at Scale: Why Powerhouse Ventures Invested in Audette

"Every step of the energy efficiency value chain is characterized by a fragmented stakeholder ecosystem, and solution providers struggle with go-to-market strategy, technical differentiation, and incentive misalignment."


Pairs well with: Our recent guide The Lens: Energy Program Management


CONSTRUCTION: Design Bid Build and the Construction Value Chain—Another beginner-friendly analysis of the construction industry from Brian Potter.

"In the construction industry you see the same dynamic - in the middle, you have modular and interchangeable design consultants and contractors. On one side you have highly integrated building material suppliers and component fabricators. On the other side, you have integrated developers which combine land acquisition, site planning, market research, marketing, and project financing - integrating all the product development aspects."


GRID-INTERACTION: The New Energy Economy—Rick Zullo and Simran Suri of Equal Ventures on a new energy technology stack that is emerging.

"While servers store, process and automate the flow of bits of information, these DERs do so for electrons. The market may be mangled with misincentives, but the tools are in place for something really compelling."

Pairs well with: our recent podcast with David Energy CEO James McGinniss and the Smart Buildings Xchange panel I participated in recently.


NEW-TO-ME: New startups sliding across my desk this week...

  • Sapient Industries, a plug load management and analytics company
  • Enerbrain, another advanced supervisory control (ASC) company focused on HVAC optimization


IN THE STACK: MQTT - what is shining, is not always goldI love when real practitioners cut the fluff out of a hot topic. This is one of those.

"MQTT has been invented with an intention, so it doesn’t fit all the purposes, and it is not the saver from all the building automation protocol issues."

Pairs well with: This Thursday's upcoming podcast with Google!

🧑‍💻 The Best Jobs at the Intersection of Tech and Buildings

This week's featured roles:

Nexus Labs: Community & Marketing Manager (📍Remote)

SkyFoundry: Application Engineer - Data Analytics (📍Remote - US)

Oxford Properties: Project Analytics, Digital Buildings (📍Toronto)

FG Advisory: Senior Smart Buildings Consultant (📍Melbourne)

Mapped: Sr. Sales Representative (📍Remote - US)

You can browse more global open roles or post your own on the Nexus Labs Job Board.


That's all for this week! Thanks for reading. 👋