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The deep, industry-shifting conversations you’ve come to expect. As usual, these sessions are education-driven, they’ll cut through the marketing fluff, and they won’t be salesy or pay-to-play.

March 23rd 9-10:30am AEDT: Live Broadcast #6 in collaboration with Monash University

Exploring the lived experience of how various commercial digital building solutions can be utilized to develop building data models, create a secure common data layer and enable cloud based advanced analytics and supervisory control.

What we'll cover:

  • Establishing a common data model, data layer, and cloud connectivity
  • Building data model development and maintenance
  • Establishing secure cloud connectivity and common data/model access
  • Putting the data model into action
  • Cloud-based analytics: Using data to direct maintenance
  • Advanced Supervisory Control for energy and demand optimization


  • Moderator: James Dice, Nexus Labs
  • Rob Brimblecombe, Monash University, Manager, Engineering & Sustainability
  • Scott Ferraro, Monash University, Program Director, Net Zero Initiative
  • Tyson Soutter, Clockworks Analytics, Global Director of Business Development
  • Matthew Moore, Splunk, Staff IT Markets Strategist
  • Chimène Bonhomme, Microsoft, IoT Cloud Solution Architect
  • Greg Young, Edge Semantics, Founder and Managing Director
  • Jean-Simon Venne, BrainBox AI, CTO and Co-founder
  • Jon Schoenfeld, Buildings IOT, Director of Energy and Analytics

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