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"Nothing else like this exists..." [Nexus Newsletter #97]

Hey friends,

It's hard for me to believe that next week, we're wrapping up Cohort 3 of our Nexus Foundations course. This group has been our most engaged cohort yet—their reflections and discussions on the industry are so energetic and insightful!

Since our next cohort isn't until next Spring, I wanted to let you in on a secret you might not know about. For teams of 10 or more, we offer the course as a private cohort. We've delivered private cohorts to two companies so far—and we're lining up more over the coming months.

Here's the main piece of feedback we've heard so far: "Nothing else exists like this. It pulls it all together."

Several companies look at our course as a way to supplement their internal onboarding of new employees. You handle the company-specific onboarding, we handle the industry onboarding.

Here's the catch: we're only doing one private cohort per month.

If you're interested, hit reply and let me know. We can get your team booked in before the schedule fills up.


P.S. I'm gearing up for IBcon in a few weeks, where I'll be moderating a panel. Will you be there?

✖ At the Nexus

Here’s everything we published this week:


★ PODCAST: 🎧 #072: Kilroy Realty and Intelligent Buildings on cybersecurity and the roadmap to enabling smarter buildingsWe talked about Kilroy's journey towards smarter buildings, including how they started down the path to reduce cybersecurity risk and how their work converging networks has led to all kinds of benefits for the portfolio as a whole.

Throughout the conversation, Andy sprinkled in how the consultants at Intelligent Buildings have helped Kilroy and many other clients with setting the initial strategy for this journey and helping them get there along the way.

🔎 Signal vs. Noise

Only the best smart building resources we consumed this week…


WORKFORCE: Skilled Workers Are Scarce, Posing a Challenge for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan—I'm realizing more and more that workforce issues can't be left out of our industry's transition towards smarter, decarbonized buildings.

"Although many skilled trade positions have competitive wages and lower educational barriers to entry, newer generations tend to see a four-year college degree as the default path to success."



ADVANCED SUPERVISORY CONTROL: Smart Building Workflow #3 - AQIPast podcast guests Rob and Sabine collaborated on this video explaining a specific technology use case: controlling HVAC across a portfolio based the local air quality index (AQI).

The ability to control schedules, setpoints, and sequences (the Three S's) at scale is one of the biggest value propositions for advanced supervisory control (ASC). Want a deep dive on ASC? Check out our three part series.


DECARBONIZATION: Canada Infrastructure Bank uses Investor Confidence "Investor Ready Energy Efficiency" (IREE) certification for $2 billion in energy-efficiency investments—While the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) has been around for a long time, it's not as well known and well deployed as it should be. That needs to change, because I think its Investor Ready Energy Efficiency Certification (IREE) will be a key factor in decarbonizing buildings at scale.

ICP created a standard way to do project development and communicate the expected performance of a project to owners and investors in a way that will allow them to trust the savings projections. At the same time, it takes a lot of the labor out of the engineering process, which allows greater scalability. It's great to see it getting more traction!


IT/OT: Using IT for OT is like an NFL Coach Coaching a Youth Soccer TeamFred Gordy came up a lot in last week's podcast. Here's his most recent blog post on some of the major differences between IT and OT.

"IT has years of experience that can be useful. However, the OT side of the house needs to show IT what can and can't be done to OT systems."


The Real Estate Business: Twenty Trends for Post Covid Real EstateIt was amazing have Antony Slumbers in Cohort 2 of our Nexus Foundations course. With this blog post, you can see why! He shares 20 trends in real estate that he learned from teaching his 'Future Proof Real Estate' course to 500 students.

"First, we have been forced to realise that being inside, in confined, badly ventilated spaces, with many other people, potentially exposes each and every one of us to illness, or worse. Our buildings can harm us. We have to take environmental conditions more seriously."

🧑‍💻 The Best Jobs at the Intersection of Tech and Buildings

Nexus Labs now curates the best open jobs in the industry.

Featured roles:

Mapped: Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure (📍Remote - US)

👉 Curious about Mapped? Check out CEO Shaun Cooley on the Nexus podcast.


This week's newly posted roles:

LumenRadio: Business Development Representative (📍 Boston)

measurable.energy: Head of Business Development (📍 Reading, UK)


We've got high-impact, high-tech jobs from all over the world!

You can browse more than 30 global open roles or post your own on the Nexus Labs Job Board:


That's all for this week! Thanks for reading. 👋