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A data-driven approach to Indoor Air Quality [Nexus Live Broadcast #1]

Your invitation to our first live broadcast. In this free one-hour session, we’ll bring you up to the cutting edge of IAQ in real estate.

Hey friends,

Exciting announcement: June marks the beginning of the (free) Nexus Live Broadcast series. Once per month, we’ll be bringing the deep, industry-shifting conversations you’ve come to expect to a live audience.

As usual, these will be education-driven, they’ll cut through the marketing fluff, and they won’t be salesy or pay-to-play. And Nexus newsletter subscribers will get each invite in their inbox (you’ll see [Nexus Live] in the subject line).

Okay, details on our first broadcast…

If you’re like me, it’s difficult to make sense of the world of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions right now. There are TONS of different types, lots and lots of hype, and even some snake oil.

However, I’ve recently been introduced to a framework for making sense of this section of the smart buildings marketplace and navigating all the offerings. This has allowed me to see what’s real, what’s not, and cut through the fluff.

The mastermind behind these newfound insights is Aaron Lapsley, Principal and Founder of System2 Consulting. Aaron’s been nerding out on indoor air quality (IAQ) since long before the pandemic and he’s been schooling me on it for a few months now.

My education started with our podcast conversation. Then in April, Aaron presented his data-driven approach to IAQ to Nexus Pro members. It was excellent and highly rated by our members.

In this live broadcast, on June 16th, Aaron will provide a quick review of those conversations and then moderate a panel discussion with the members of the newly formed Alliance for Sustainable and Practical IAQ in Real Estate (ASPIRE). The panelists are:

Aaron and the panel will take us through:

  • How to maximize IAQ with a data-driven approach
  • What’s hype and what’s not
  • What is the Alliance for Sustainable and Practical IAQ in Real Estate (ASPIRE)?
  • Introducing a framework for making sense of the IAQ tech vendor landscape
  • Key requirements for each piece of the framework

In one hour, they’ll bring you up to the cutting edge of IAQ in real estate in 2021.

And just to reiterate, none of these companies are paying Nexus Labs for this appearance. We don’t do pay-to-play… we do teach-to-play.

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See you on the 16th…

—James Dice, Nexus Labs

P.S. We’ll be recording these broadcasts for Nexus Pro members who can’t make it. If you’re not a member, make sure you register to attend live and/or join Pro.