Who-is / I-am: Calling All Speakers

We believe the industry’s future success and ability to address critical issues like electrification, net zero, carbon-free energy consumption, and healthy buildings will require a collaborative discussion involving every professional, not just a set of familiar faces. To help make this easier for conference organizers, we’re going to curate a list of folks you might not have heard from in the past.


“Who-Is/I-Am” comes from the BACnet protocol. When a BACnet device wants to learn about another device with which it needs to communicate, the device goes directly to its network and asks “Who-Is.” The answering device can then respond to the entire network with “I-Am,” informing every network device how to reach it. We aim to broadcast many new “I-Am” responses from our collective human networks as part of this process.

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Drew DePriest, WELL AP

Senior Director, Digital Facilities Management
App Layer: Asset Management
App Layer: Energy Management
App Layer: FDD
App Layer: Occupant Experience
Certifications: Sustainability

Kenny Trowers, SmartScore AP

Senior Associate, Smart Building Supervising Consultant
Syska Hennessy Group
Device Layer: Access Control
Vital Roles: Design Consultant
Vital Roles: MSI
Data Layer
App Layer: FDD

Anya Petersen

Senior Researcher
Grid & Market Connectors
Device Layer: DERs

Devan Tracy, P.E.

Smart Buildings Lead
Lockheed Martin
Vital Roles: Champion
App Layer: FDD

Seema Bhangar

Principal, Healthy Buildings and Communities
US Green Building Council (USGBC)
Device Layer: IAQ

Alicia Noriega

Project Director, R&D
App Layer: Supervisory Control
Device Layer: HVAC
Grid & Market Connectors

Jacinda Lofland

Director, Customers & Community
Nuveen Real Estate
App Layer: Occupant Experience

Jeanne Casey

Global Head of Proptech & Innovation
Nuveen Real Estate
Venture Capital

Cindy Zhu

Director of Grid Services
Prescriptive Data
Grid & Market Connectors
App Layer: Supervisory Control
Vital Roles: Champion

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