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Sarah Gudeman

Practice Lead
Omaha, NE
LinkedIn Profile
Areas of Expertise
Certifications: Sustainability

What kinds of projects are you working on?

All kinds! Essentially anything that falls under the umbrella of commercial real estate, and not single-family homes. More specifically I have a background in mechanical engineering design but now get involved with sustainability topics including indoor environmental quality, commissioning, building performance, modeling, materials, health and wellness, green building certifications, E.S.G. & the like.

What are you excited about in the industry?

The merging of triple bottom line with ESG financial frameworks and regulations. Also the future potential of smart buildings.

What do you think needs to change in the industry?

Better communication and education. Less status quo.

What do you wish we all discussed more?

The fact that codes are minimum standards of care, and we can do better and think more creatively as an industry.

What’s your hot take?  

🔥 Work hard, play hard. 🔥

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