One of our greatest joys since starting Nexus has been matchmaking.

It's an honor to help connect community members to each other, startups to investors, and aspiring changemakers to new jobs.

Now we're gearing up to take that latter category to the next level!

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We curate open smart buildings technology roles at startups and leading building owners that we think would be great places to make an impact.

At a recent Nexus Pro member gathering, 87% of our members said they believe there is a talent crisis in the industry today. For employers, it's a huge challenge to fill open roles. For applicants, it's an equal challenge to find the right gig for your passions, skills, and desired culture.

It could be the #1 thing holding the industry back. A jobs board by no means solves this, but hopefully it’s a small step towards bringing more committed and capable folks to leverage their powers for moving us forward.

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Discover and filter open roles at leading technology companies

Our weekly newsletter job listings are all now viewable in one place. A much-requested feature: you can filter roles by function, location, and seniority. Jobs will stay live for 45-60 days. We’ll release new roles (along with the newsletter) every week on Tuesday mornings.

🧑 Talent Seekers

Get in front of 5,000+ of the most in-the-know smart buildings nerds

Startups, funds, and organizations working on creating smarter buildings can submit open roles to get featured directly on our job board. We have two categories: Standard and Promoted.Promoted posting fees will go towards our time in verifying and maintaining the quality of the board.We'll be checking for:

✅ Obvious innovation via advanced technology
✅ Clear communication to applicants on company equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy and/or strategy for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Moving the industry forward will take all of us chipping in. All of us collaborating and leveraging our talents on the right problems. We're out to make that (just a bit) easier.Check out the new Nexus Labs Jobs Board, including our featured jobs below!

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