Nexus Labs partners with smart buildings technology innovators to tell compelling stories like these that will help move the smart buildings industry forward.
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The 5 Vital Roles

More and more building owners are recognizing the importance of having specialist roles either on their staff or outsourced as members of their team of service providers. This white paper summarizes the five vital roles that every smart building program needs on the team.

The Untapped 87%: Simplifying Controls Technology for Small Buildings

With Keyframe Capital

To decarbonize the buildings sector, we need to remove the complexity in deploying controls to the Long Tail of 6 million buildings under 50,000 square feet

The State of Operations & Maintenance Software

With Facilio

Tells the story of O&M software like it’s never been told before—including today’s mess of siloed and fragmented building systems, why an overlay is needed, the types of overlays on the market, and how each of them meets those needs.

The Building Analytics Comparison Guide

With Clockworks Analytics

There are actually two kinds of Fault Detection & Diagnostics software: those that stop at the first “D” (Detection) and those that go all the way to Diagnostics. This white paper tells the story of that second “D” and why it’s so important.

Nexus Lore: The Smart Building Blocks

This is Nexus Labs' white paper on the core concepts that come up again and again in the newsletter, on the Nexus podcast, in the Nexus Foundations course, and in Nexus Pro gatherings, and in the community chatroom.

If you want help telling your innovation story, fill out this form to tell us what you have in mind.

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