The Building Analytics Comparison Guide

Partner: Clockworks Analytics

For proponents of fault detection and diagnostics software (who I lovingly refer to as “analytics nerds”), it feels like the greater facilities industry is finally beginning to take notice of our hard work. The power of analytics—in supporting the energy management, commissioning, and data-driven maintenance processes needed to operate a modern portfolio of commercial buildings—is truly gaining momentum.

However, the selection of an analytics tool requires an understanding that not all are created equal. There are actually two kinds of FDD software: those that stop at the first “D” (Detection) and those that go all the way to Diagnostics.

The whitepaper tells the story of that second “D” and why it’s so important. To illustrate the importance, we portray an example that every facilities team knows well: a large air handling unit that’s experiencing several classic issues. How would alarms, FD, and FDD identify, quantify, and help an O&M team or service provider act on those issues?

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