The 5 Vital Roles

As we celebrated the holidays and started to wind down the year, the Nexus Labs team reflected on the progress in our industry in 2022.

One definite area of progress is defining the specialist roles needed to make smart buildings successful. More and more building owners are recognizing the importance of having specialist roles either on their staff or outsourced as members of their team of service providers.

This white paper summarizes the five vital roles that every smart building program needs on the team. We talk a lot about the flashy new technology required for smart buildings. But we must always remember that when we're changing how things are done, it's people that make it happen.  Here are the five roles we're going to cover:

  1. The Smart Building Champion
  2. The Design Consultant
  3. The Master Systems Integrator
  4. The Network Manager
  5. The Commissioning Agent

This version of this paper is just the beginning and your feedback can help take it to the next level. We’d love to hear from you: are you playing one of these roles? What are your keys for success?

Finally, this whitepaper is the perfect compliment to our whitepaper on the evolving technology stack for creating smarter buildings: Nexus Lore. Where this whitepaper covers humans and their roles, Nexus Lore covers the horizontal architecture that the humans are building together for each building and portfolio.

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