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Natalie Patton

Vice President, Customer Success
Buildings IOT
San Diego, California
LinkedIn Profile
Areas of Expertise
App Layer: Energy Management
App Layer: FDD
App Layer: Supervisory Control
Data Layer
Data Layer: IDL
Data Layer: Ontology
Device Layer: HVAC
Friendly Rants
Network Layer: Integration
Vital Roles: MSI

Born in San Diego, I came to the smart buildings industry after attending college in Chicago and living and working in New York City. I'll admit, I hadn't thought much about buildings prior to taking on a West Coast controls distributor as a client for my content writing business. But fast-forward 10 years and I'm still here, uncovering more to be curious about within the smart buildings space every day. I have marketed controls and system integration services, managed master system integration jobs defined and implemented a software onboarding process, designed a customer service and support framework for long-tern engagement and worked with some of the most trailblazing people.

I think what keeps this industry so interesting to me is that it is so full of contradictions. It's in a constant state of flux and yet it is mired in tradition. Buildings are immovable objects and making a dent in how they're constructed, operated and maintained is a monumental feat. And yet, the work feels consequential and immediate. So we keep progressing, if slowly and sometimes only after going backwards for a bit.

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