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Danielle Radden

fractional Marketing Director
Talking Walls Marketing
Erie, CO
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Market Transformers
Vital Roles: Champion
Vital Roles: Decarb Consultant
Vital Roles: Network Manager

Who are you and how do you fit into Nexus Labs?

I'm a marketing expert for smart building technology.

My background in copywriting, marketing, and smart buildings make me exceptional at crafting the message and telling the story of the innovative people and companies who are at the nexus of change in this industry.

What projects are you working on?

Messaging (limit confusion for complex technology)

Market Research (who makes purchasing decisions for different types of buyers)

Technology Adoption (how is technology being adopted by the built environment)

Product Launches (let's get innovative products to the right buyers)

What are you excited about in the industry?

Smart Buildings don't have it figured out yet. This leaves an opportunity for technology and service providers to really make an impact in this space.

I'm mostly excited about the education going on in this field. Technology has been around for decades and yet the built world is still learning how to incorporate tech into the processes for buying, managing, operating, renting, and using buildings.

There is so much potential for start-ups to revolutionize the way our "indoors" work and also to make lasting changes that will save our outdoors.

What do you think needs to change in the industry?

Collaboration - no one company is going to solve all the tech problems for all buildings. We must work together.

Consistency - if we want to redically change the built world, it cannot be confusing for the buyers or we risk more years of stagnation. Key terms go in and out of use, products are not integrating with each other, companies are giving mixed messages, and there are very few repeatable guidelines for building a tech stack in any building---lack of consistency throughout the industry is leading to confusion.

What do you wish we all discussed more?

Real case studies. The innovators are paving the way for the masses to make changes, but we aren't having enough open conversations about the specifics.

We need frameworks and maps and guides. Every small building on the planet can use technology, but they don't have the budget.

What’s your hot take?  

🔥 Lack of clarity and consistency is causing confusion in this market.

We are on the verge of integrating highly complex technology solutions into every building on the planet, but we MUST make that shift as easy as possible if we want success. No company can afford confusion at this stage in the game.🔥

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