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Scott Ellison

Headwaters LLC
San Francisco, CA
LinkedIn Profile
Areas of Expertise
Device Layer: HVAC
Device Layer: IAQ
App Layer: Energy Management
Vital Roles: Design Consultant

What projects are you working on?

Angel investor & advisor in a dozen "BuiltTech" startups (the full Design<>Construct<>Operate value chain). Among others, these include Passive Logic, Knaq (smart elevators), Rayon ("Figma for Autocad"), AgaveAPI ("Plaid for Construction"), PHION ("20W Wireless Over-The-Air charging" founded by former SpaceX engineer)

What are you excited about in the industry?

I believe (and have invested time & $$) in the thesis that the next decade will be a transformational one at the intersection of the Built World & Technology. This was true before the increased understanding of the Built World's Energy/Carbon Footprint and is only more so now.

What do you think needs to change in the industry?

The list is long (endless?) though equally as important as *what* needs to change is *how* we can implement change. It's fairly easy to note things that can be improved, but as we know, in the Built World in particular, change doesn't come easy and only comes to those who are willing to balance Disruption with Respect for industry norms (a delicate balance that swings one way & the other depending on the application, customer, etc).

What do you wish we all discussed more?

Barriers to adoption of new solutions.

What’s your hot take?  

"Move Fast and Break Things" (one of Silicon Valleys most famous mantras) is a misplaced & myopic mindset in certain sectors (like BuiltTech).

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