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20 ways the ROI game is changing [Nexus Newsletter #98]

20 ways the ROI game is changing [Nexus Newsletter #98]

Hey friends,

During each week of our 6-week Foundations course, we host a live workshop where we explore the key concepts of each of our six modules.

Last week, we explored the business case for smart building technology. One of our breakout room discussions was focused on the ways that the business case is rapidly evolving.

Can you guess how many ways the students came up with?


Crazy, right?

If you're feeling like the industry is moving extra fast right now, you're not alone.

Here's those twenty ways the business case for smart building tech is changing before our eyes:

  1. Cybersecurity - e.g. the ROI of not paying a ransom
  2. Space as a service
  3. ESG
  4. Sustainability has an inherent value to the public now
  5. Leveraging an aging and dwindling workforce & lack of resources "on the ground"
  6. Social justice
  7. Growing number of case studies and success stories
  8. Health and safety as a service
  9. Regulation, e.g. NYC's Local Law 97
  10. Getting paid for grid flexibility
  11. Tons of VC money flowing
  12. VCs and others providing project financing
  13. Green bonds
  14. Procurement and financing processes are more standardized
  15. Risk of getting left behind
  16. Umm, COVID
  17. Natural disaster and resilience
  18. Cheaper sensors and devices
  19. Innovative leasing to remove split incentives
  20. Privacy and its sinister opposite: snooping!

What are we missing? Which are rocking your world right now?