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5/26 Nexus Pro Member Event - submit your questions

For this month’s Nexus Pro member event, here’s the plan:

  • Time: 10am MT on 5/26. I’ll send out a Zoom/calendar invite to all Pro members this Friday. If you’re not a member, you can sign up now.
  • Scott Hackel, Director of Research and Innovation at Slipstream, will present on the recently-published ASHRAE Smart Grid Application Guide INTEGRATING FACILITIES WITH THE ELECTRIC GRID
  • James will facilitate a discussion on how the guide applies to smart building technology and how our members can take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging
  • At the end, we’ll split up into breakout rooms for more intimate conversations to get to know each other

👇 In the meantime, submit your questions for Scott and myself on this and/or anything else you’re wondering. These will help guide the discussion.