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The Smart Building Champion [Nexus Newsletter #154]

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Hey friends,

Happy Thanksgiving week to those of you in the U.S. As we celebrate the holidays and start to wind down the year, I'm reflecting on the progress in our industry in 2022.

One definite area of progress is defining the specialist roles needed to make smart buildings successful. For the next four weeks, I want to summarize five vital roles that every smart building program needs on the team.

We talk a lot about the flashy new technology required for smart buildings. But we must always remember that when we're changing how things are done, it's people that make it happen.  Here are the five roles we're going to cover:

  1. The Smart Building Champion
  2. The Design Consultant
  3. The Master Systems Integrator
  4. The Network Manager
  5. The Commissioning Agent

At the end of the series, we'll turn this into our latest whitepaper. Before then, we'd love to hear from you: are you playing one of these roles? What are your keys for success?

Let's jump in...

Role 1: The Smart Building Champion

Every team needs a team captain. I think of the Smart Building Champion like the captain of the team of teams that comes together for each building or portfolio.

The main thesis of our Foundations Course is that we need more champions at every position in the industry. People that understand how a smart building comes together, speak the language, and see things holistically. People who "get it". We've now leveled up over 350 people who can call themselves Smart Building Champions. But we still have a long way to go!

Since smart buildings are created by long term programs, not individual projects, it's particularly important for building owners to hire and support internal champions. They understand how the organization works, understand the financial decisions that are being made, and they have the authority or decision-making ability to drive the program forward.

They don't need to be the expert in everything, but they need to be able to collaborate with all their specialist providers to be able to deliver on the tech-driven outcomes their organization needs. Someone who understands how buildings operate, understands how to distinguish the nuances between different technologies and solutions, and then understands the financing and operations of buildings.

In soccer, my favorite sport, the one who wears the captain’s armband is the one that embodies the mindset of a champion. The type of team captain we need for creating a smart building is one that has a mindset of:

  • Continuous learning & action
  • Collaboration & leadership
  • Meeting people where they’re at
  • Being the glue between stakeholders
  • Holistic & long-term thinking

I see so many teams try to muscle through a project without a champion. If you're watching the World Cup this week, it's like watching the US Men's National Team without Tyler Adams. If you're not a soccer fan, try this analogy: it’s like watching the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan went and played baseball.

Let's agree: we need champions.

👉 Go deeper on the champion role:

See you next week for part 2!

What are your keys for success in this role?

—James Dice, Founder of Nexus Labs

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★ PODCAST: 🎧 #127: CRE Market Talk #1Episode 127 is a conversation with Mandi Wedin of Feroce Real Estate Advisors and Joe Gaspardone of Montgomery Technologies.

I’m excited to begin a new recurring series with Mandi and Joe where they educate the smart buildings community about one of their big customers - the real estate investment/owner - and what is happening to that customer and how that impacts the smart building industry.

Since this is a new series, let us know what you think!



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As a leading technology innovation company, Lockheed Martin’s vast team works with partners around the world to bring proven performance to our customers’ toughest challenges.

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👋 That's all for this week. See you next Tuesday!

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