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Brainbox AI / Sleep Country

March 1, 2022
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Project Overview

Sleep Country was looking for a way to accomplish both energy reduction and a lower carbon footprint across its entire portfolio. BrainBox AI was selected and its Autonomous Decarbonization solution was deployed across the retail portfolio in Canada. 214 stores are being optimized, resulting in improved HVAC energy efficiency and lower carbon equivalent emissions. The implementation of cloud connected AI - enabled thermostats in each of the locations allowed for the mapping, learning and optimizing of each stores HVAC system as well at the deployment of a control panel.

Project Scope

Sleep Country was looking for a decarbonization solution. Through the collaboration, BrainBox AI identified the need to install "smart" wifi enabled thermostats to replace the programable "less intelligent" thermostats. Not only to bring visibility into the HVAC system and usage at Sleep country but to enable the use of the BrainBox AI technology to reduce overall energy consumption. The project included the retrofit of thermostats, API Integration to the cloud environment, and the ongoing optimization of each store in the sleep country portfolio.

The goal was to provide a meaningful reduction in GHG emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting. In review of the results in the first 49 stores, BrainBox AI achieved 24% reduction on Energy consumption, and 23% reduction on GHG emissions. Ongoing tracking of AI control, and optimization will continue to provide reporting and tracking to update Sleep country Goals. As 24/7 AI monitoring continues, additional data insights will support ongoing maintenance strategies to reduce Capex and Opex client costs.

Why It's Important

According to the EIA survey done by the DOE, small to medium buildings under 50,000 sq. ft make up about 94% of all the commercial buildings in the US. Based on that data only 14% have building automation installed. Therefore, the retail market is prime for low cost smart thermostat powered by AI to reduce energy and GHG emissions. Sharing the knowledge on Sleep Country's journey with BrainBox AI is critical because it illustrates the impact that AI-driven solutions can have on the retail and commercial real estate sector at large.Through BrainBox AI's support, Sleep Country was able to significantly diminish the carbon footprint of its 214 stores by enhancing the energy efficiency of their existing HVAC systems.

The Future

The focus will continue to be on achieving carbon neutrality goals. BrainBox AI will expand its work by providing GHG reporting, emissions tracking analyses, and the purchase of carbon credits.

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