App Layer: FDD

Clockworks Analytics / University of Iowa

January 1, 2014
sq. ft.

Project Overview

In the last 9 years, the University of Iowa deployed FDD software across 47 buildings and 6.9 million square feet of higher education space.

Project Scope

- Phase 1: Deployed 1-building pilot of on-prem solution where the team wrote their own faults. Learned a ton, decided they bit off more than they could chew, and changed course.

- Phase 2: Released an RFP that outsourced more of the process, selected Clockworks Analytics, and deployed to the first 43 buildings in under a year.

- Phase 3: Set up Analytics Resource Group (ARG) to integrate Insights into Operations and drive action.

Why It's Important

This FDD program has been extremely impactful—driving 2,100 tasks to completion and $2.5 million per year in verified energy savings—while creating insights that all building owners can learn from. An example of this came when University of Iowa opened up a new wet lab building. The FDD program identified hot water reheat coils that were manually closed. They then used that story to show the predictive power of hot and cold calls.

The Future

Next steps include getting the front lines more involved. This looks like logging into the software more frequently as part of their day-to-day workflows. Integrating the software into maintenance workflows is crucial for successful implementation. Instead of treating it solely as an energy management tool, it will continue to be incorporated into day-to-day maintenance practices.

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