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Facilio / ICD Brookfield Place

August 26, 2021
May 1, 2023
sq. ft.

Project Overview

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, is a 53-story skyscraper occupying over 990,000 sq. ft of space in the heart of Dubai’s Commercial Business District. With over 4 acres of community space alongside 1M sq. ft of Grade A office space in Dubai, they needed to find an agile solution to manage their operations.

They aim to set a benchmark for smart office and mixed-use premium buildings in the industry. As opposed to the traditional way of managing building operations, ICD Brookfield Place is on a mission to create an intelligent building roadmap and future-proof their current portfolio.

ICD Brookfield Place choose Facilio based on the following:

Centralized Operations: Facilio integrated the entire supply chain, including ERP, IT systems, elevators, lighting, and fire alarms, to provide a holistic view of operations. This enabled existing systems to talk to each other, automating tasks and improving accuracy.

Automatic Fault Detection: By consolidating data from various systems, Facilio's platform identified patterns and raised alarms for potential issues in real-time. This proactive approach allowed the operations team to address problems before tenants reported them.

Proactive Asset Maintenance: ICD Brookfield Place leveraged wireless sensors powered by Facilio's IoT module to efficiently monitor and maintain thousands of devices. This approach reduced manual efforts and enabled preventative maintenance.

Customized Emergency Response: Facilio's platform facilitated the configuration of complex workflows, such as emergency response protocols. The system ensured that alarms, ventilation, and security systems worked seamlessly during emergencies, creating a safer environment.

Project Scope

The project scope involved implementing a centralized management platform solution for the ICD Brookfield Place. The adoption process was split into two phases.

Phase 1 involved consolidating data from subsystems and configuring and implementing FDD rules for quicker issue resolution in problematic assets.  Phase 2 involved tenant-wise energy monitoring, graphics, and fire alarm use cases.

Why It's Important

Facilio's platform revolutionizes building management by integrating diverse technologies, optimizing operations, and resolving long-standing challenges. This deployment in the Middle East sets a new standard, showcasing the potential of intelligent operations platforms to streamline processes, save time, and advance building management practices.

The Future

The future of this deployment involves doubling down on sustainability best practices, optimizing energy efficiency, and improving facility operations. This includes Facilio integrating with an energy model for advanced energy monitoring and optimization. Additionally, integrating with Facilio's carbon emission monitoring and controlling platform to aid in setting carbon emission targets and achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. The deployment could also leverage Facilio's CAFM module for end-to-end operations, enabling streamlined facility management.


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