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Facilio / Limbach Holdings Inc.

January 2, 2023
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Project Overview

Limbach is a renowned service provider, offering turnkey MEP solutions. With 1,500 employees and 17 US offices, they optimize costs and reduce carbon footprint through expertise in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems for healthcare, manufacturing, cultural, higher ed, and life sciences sectors. 

They were on the lookout for a connected buildings operations solution that could manage portfolio energy consumption, monitor building energy performance and occupant comfort, and improve operations. 

Their main objectives were: 

• to have portfolio-wide visibility to achieve financial and sustainability goals
• to find an effective way to optimize scheduling among technicians

Limbach partnered with Facilio, and rolled out its cloud platform across 16 buildings. Here are some of the biggest areas of impact for Limbach after using Facilio: 

Visibility and monitoring: 

With access to Facilio’s utility bill analysis and monitoring module, Limbach had a granular visibility into building performance, utility data, and energy trends. It streamlined the management of energy, gas, and water usage by uploading historical bills, providing Limbach with insights on consumption trends, irregularities, and cost analysis. This enabled Limbach to make informed decisions, optimize energy usage, and promote sustainability initiatives. 

Energy analytics:

Facilio's Energy Analytics revolutionized Limbach's energy management, providing real-time trend analysis, weather-based comparisons, and valuable insights on energy consumption. This empowers Limbach to optimize building performance, identify energy-saving opportunities, and reduce operational costs, even during non-operational hours. 

Fault Detection and Diagnostics:

Facilio implemented FDD with 300+ rules for real-time building performance monitoring, enabling timely alerts and customized reports for proactive maintenance at individual sites, optimizing operational efficiency. Using RCA and Impact Analysis, they were able to pinpoint exact fault conditions and derive fault impact with respect to energy consumption.

Project Scope

Limbach rolled out Facilio's cloud platform across four sites spanning 1.3 million square feet of space, including healthcare, manufacturing, higher ed, and data sciences. Through Facilio, they managed all facilities and buildings in one centralized location, reducing operating costs, optimizing asset and building performance, and helping them uncover energy savings to reduce their carbon footprint by using Facilio’s real-time energy analysis and management along with Fault detection and diagnostics. 

Facilio was implemented across: 

• 813 assets
• 4317 FDD alarms
• 100+ air handling units
• 10+ boilers and chillers

• 300+ FDD rules

The platform is integrated across various asset types, including HVAC, meters, pumps, extract fans, heat exchangers, cooling towers, boilers, and chillers.

Why It's Important

Facilio’s real-time visibility and monitoring, coupled with its advanced FDD engine, allowed Limbach’s customers to identify areas of energy wastage. With proactive maintenance workflows, they could quickly resolve these faults, resulting in significant savings, streamlined maintenance, and reduced downtime. 

This advanced FDD system, coupled with a proactive maintenance approach, establishes a groundbreaking standard for property owners and demonstrates to the community that a more effective method for managing property operations exists.

The Future

Limbach aims to expand Facilio’s solution to additional buildings/clients within its portfolio and implement end-to-end digital transformation. They also aim to go beyond FDD and use advanced analytics to identify additional areas for energy and cost savings, such as occupancy patterns and equipment usage. The project could also explore the adoption of other areas of building management, such as room/zone scheduling, ambient controls, PPM, etc.

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