App Layer: Carbon Accounting
Vital Roles: Decarb Consultant

WattCarbon / CREtelligent

September 1, 2022
April 23, 2024
sq. ft.

Project Overview

CREtelligent provides environmental reports in support of commercial real estate transactions. To meet client demand for carbon emissions reports, CREtelligent teamed up with WattCarbon to provide on-demand reports for buildings using WattCarbon's integrated energy modeling and grid carbon emissions software.

Project Scope

Accurately estimating carbon emissions for a building requires knowing the hourly load profile of a building, its annual energy consumption, and the hourly carbon intensity of the grid the powers the building. WattCarbon has built a customized building energy modeling tool based on calibrated data from NREL's ComStock and ResStock models to estimate the hourly and annual energy use for any type of commercial or residential building. Using geolocation software, they determine the correct grid (or Balancing Authority) and source hourly carbon intensity from the U.S. Energy Information Agency. Mapping hourly energy consumption to hourly carbon intensity allows us to estimate the carbon emissions for the building(s) in question. This methodology is significantly faster and more accurate than anything else available on the market.

Why It's Important

Decarbonizing buildings will eliminate 40% of carbon emissions annually, enough to reach the goals of the Paris Climate Accords. This represents the greatest single lever available to fight climate change. The Nexus Labs community is on the front lines of this challenge. Access to highly actionable information is critical for making smart investments into building decarbonization projects.

The Future

WattCarbon is now expanding its offering with CREtelligent to provide more layers of carbon intelligence. They are introducing mass audits and deep dives that connect buildings to their energy assets (e.g., smart meters, BMS systems, etc) for even greater visibility into the drivers of carbon emissions.

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