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Join me for Tuesday's webinar

A chat with 75F CEO Deepinder Singh on the future of building intelligence

Hey friends, I hope you had a great week.

In case you missed it in the newsletter this week, I wanted to invite you to a free live webcast, "Healthier Buildings: The Future of Building Intelligence", on Tuesday 9/22 with 75F’s CEO and Founder Deepinder Singh.

I heard a lot of great feedback on Deep and I’s podcast conversation about how and why 75F rebuilt the BAS from the ground up. Here’s a teaser:

On Tuesday, Deep will turn the tables and interview me (😬). I’m sure we’ll talk about why the BAS industry is so messed up, how modern technology can help, and we’ll probably get nerdy too. And I’ll probably sneak in a few questions back to him… because I can’t help myself.

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See you there.


P.S. Do you have questions for Deep and I? We’ll do our best to work them into the conversation. Leave a comment and let us know.