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Live Broadcast #4: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Today in the Smart Buildings Industry

In the smart buildings industry, what brings us together is technology-driven innovation to create better experiences for human beings.

We started Nexus in 2019 to celebrate that innovation, to learn from our leaders, and to search for ways to accelerate the transition ahead of us.

Almost two years later, I want to talk about the elephant in the room around here. The one that, if we don't come together to address it, will surely inhibit the progress we're collectively seeking.

What's the elephant? If you haven't noticed, the industry is what one Nexus Pro member recently called ‘male, pale, and stale.’ As another said, 'it's all white dudes around here'.

As the industry expands in both size and reach, we’re slowly waking up to the fact that this imbalance needs to change—fast.

Our leaders are realizing that inciting change and driving innovation means building teams full of human beings from all walks of life—different races, gender and sexual identities, educational backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities.

Like other industries, ours is still just at the beginning of this journey. Many of our companies—Nexus Labs included—have a long way to go.

That's why we invite you to join us for our September Live Broadcast. On 9/23, we'll talk diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) today in the smart buildings industry.

Let's unpack today's status quo, what DEI means to all of us, how we can hire and recruit diverse teams, and what each stakeholder can do to build an industry where everyone is welcome.

Our panelists each bring a unique perspective on the work ahead of us. They are:

  • Mandi Wedin, CEO of FEROCE Real Estate Advisors & Chair of the CRE DEI Advisory Board, will moderate and lead our discussion
  • Tara Turk Haynes, VP, DEI and Talent Management at Leaf Group, will share insights and best practices from other industries
  • Mike Brooman, CEO of systems integration firm Vanti, will share his experiences building a diverse team
  • Louisa Dickens, Co-Founder of smart buildings recruiting firm LMRE, will share her perspectives from the recruiting side of the industry

Will you join us live?

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