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New whitepaper from Nexus and Facilio

The state of the O&M software industry
“As the capabilities of technology have advanced and expectations have risen, a large gap has grown between what O&M teams need and what their currently deployed software tools are capable of.

Most buildings are managed with 1990s technology and spreadsheets. Given the progress that software has made in other industries, it’s hard to escape the feeling that there must be a better way.”

Hey friends,

I’m heading off to celebrate the holidays with my family this week. Before I go, I wanted to tell you about a new free whitepaper I developed with Facilio co-founder and chief product officer (and Nexus Pro member!) Rajavel Subramanian.

It’s called The State of Property Operations & Maintenance Software and it tells the story of O&M software like it’s never been told before—including today’s mess of siloed and fragmented building systems, why an overlay is needed, the types of overlays on the market, and how each of them meets those needs.

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Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Nexus Labs works with partners like Facilio to tell compelling stories like these that will help move the smart buildings industry forward. If you want help telling your story, fill out this form to tell us what you have in mind.