Nexus Foundations Private Cohorts

📚 An educational, non-biased, and technically-sound experience exploring the past, present, and future of the smart buildings industry.

🙌 A fun and efficient way to get the members of your team on the same page.

🗺️ The space to discuss and explore where your company or product fits into the industry's evolution.



Activities + Outcomes

• Define goals and purpose of the workshop

• Facilitate up to 2 planning sessions

• Develop initial workshop outline and schedule


Activities + Outcomes

• Deliver pre-recorded videos for each of the 5 modules that make of the Foundations course (see below)

• Deliver and facilitate weekly workshops via Zoom that explore each module's content

• Record the workshops


Activities + Outcomes

• Package the recordings and links to relevant deeper dives

• Provide participants 90-day access to the Nexus Foundations chatroom to ask questions after the workshop

• Provide participants 90-day trial access to the Nexus Pro content archive and Vendor Landscape to support additional research after the workshop


Activities + Outcomes

• Provide a form where leadership can register new employees for industry onboarding

• Automatically provide access to the recorded Nexus Foundations curriculum, chatroom, and recorded workshop sessions

• For 90 days after the initial access, invite the new employee to Nexus Foundations alumni workshops and office hours for live networking and Q&A


✅  2 planning sessions (if necessary)

✅  6 x 90 minute Zoom workshops consisting of powerpoint presentations, breakout sessions, journaling/worksheet exercises, breaks, and guided discussions

✅  Session recordings and any relevant deep dives

✅  90-day access to Nexus Connect and Nexus Pro to support Q&A and additional research after the workshop


More information on the course can be found at (link to Foundations page)

Module 1—Stakeholders

🔎 Why we need smart buildings, how to define smartness in terms of the key stakeholders, and introduction to Smart Building Strategy.

"Module 1 was eye-opening for me because it gave me a better understanding of the importance of developing stakeholder-centric strategies."

Module 2—Ideation

🔎 Understanding the people involved in a smart building, their workflows, and mapping use cases to them. Creating the vision part of the strategy.

"I really like the framework for thinking about the technical aspects of building systems and how they overlap and interlink."

Module 3—Assessments

🔎 Obstacles to smart buildings in the facilities and construction industries, framework for assessing a portfolio for smartness, overview of building system technologies.

"I knew buildings are dumb, but to walk through the different "dumb building factors" was very informative."

Module 4—Research

🔎 Overview of the smart buildings tech market, using the Nexus Evaluation Framework to evaluate new tech, mapping use cases to capabilities, snapshot of cutting edge technologies, and how to stay up to date with the rapid pace of change.

"This framework is incredible for understanding the difference between technologies."

Module 5—The Business Case

🔎 Tangible and intangible value propositions and how they impact stakeholders, technology procurement, financial models, finalizing the smart building strategy.

“After module 5, I was able to put together the ROI -- and not just in $ -- but in a value meaningful to the decision maker."


"As a SaaS vendor in this space, what you teach definitely has to be implemented in our go-to-market strategy and approach to customers."
—Anders F.
"The course does an excellent job of identifying the different pieces you need to keep in mind to solve a Smart Buildings problem, while still balancing the fact that all of those pieces are interconnected and affect each other."
—Mike M.
"I have never been part of an education with such a complete overview of a challenging situation. It was worth every penny!"
—Mike P.
""James has the background and a great perspective on the industry. He has developed a very comprehensive approach to how smart building professionals can tailor solutions, anticipate problems, and manage a smooth implementation." —Aaron M.
"True to the name, it’s a great Foundations course for someone in the industry to get a bigger picture of what's happening in the facilities management / buildings and provides the structure to think about how they can go about evaluating opportunities and set them up on how to innovate." —Yash P.
"Definitely recommend. Many non-practitioners should do it. Anyone senior in CRE would be better informed about SBs after doing this course. Best value = seeing through the BS often written about SBs." —Antony S.
"It really was accessible and useful to many different levels of expertise and roles across the industry, covering policy, product, building operator, consultant, etc." —Alicia N.
"Whether you are new or have been working in this industry for decades, this is the new and evolving "back to basics" and our "experienced" industry professionals better get on board!" —Chad R.

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