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Nexus Labs exists to move the smart buildings industry forward, without the fluff.

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Why does Nexus exist?

If you’re like us, you’ve been wanting more unbiased, in-depth content on the smart buildings industry. How is the industry changing and where is it going? Which new technology products are hype and which are disruptive? We’ve learned it takes a lot of time to wade through marketing pitches, research papers, and shallow articles to find the signal in the noise.

That’s why we started Nexus in 2019—and why many of our members have joined. Since then, however, Nexus’ goals have grown in scope. Now we’re asking questions like: What’s holding the industry back and how can we move it forward faster? And you can join us in our quest.

What is it?

We send one free newsletter per week on Wednesday mornings. We also produce a podcast. Here are some of the most popular editions and episodes:

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Who subscribes?

We’re engineers, energy managers, technology vendors, building operators, and real estate investors.

Like you, we’re trying to bridge the gap between two cultures—that of technology on one end and millions of commercial buildings on the other—to understand where we’re headed as an industry.

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  2. Learn more about our course, Nexus Foundations, an introduction to the smart buildings industry for changemakers.


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