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Live Broadcast #3: Texas Tower, A SmartScore case study with Hines

Hey friends,

Back in April, I interviewed WiredScore founder and CEO Arie Barendrecht about how to evaluate a building’s intelligence and the launch of WiredScore’s new smart buildings scoring program called SmartScore.

I learned how aligned their philosophy is with ours at Nexus Labs and the assessment approach we teach in our Foundations course.

When SmartScore launched later that month, I also learned that over 70 buildings are already undergoing certification with the new scoring system!

My immediate thought? It would be fun to do a deep dive into how the scoring system works using one of these buildings and progressive building owners as a case study.

There’s nothing like digging into real buildings when it comes to cutting the fluff, right?

I’m excited to announce that our August Live Broadcast will do exactly that. I’ll be joined by Sanj Ranasinghe, Technical Director at WiredScore, and Paige Pitcher, Innovation Director at Hines, and Jesse Carrillo, SVP and CIO at Hines.

We’ll dive into the amazing Texas Tower project and walk through exactly what makes it a smart building, including:

  • How it achieved triple platinum in LEED®, WELL, and WiredScore certifications and where the new SmartScore fits
  • The technology deployed and why the team selected those use cases
  • How building infrastructure technologies are integrated to enable those use cases
  • How the building scores on the new SmartScore system
  • Challenges and obstacles the team overcame to create “smart”

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