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The Nexus Vendor Landscape

Our continuously evolving notebook of smart building vendors

Since around 2015, I’ve been keeping an Evernote notebook of smart building vendors’ products. Whenever I see a new startup, an event that seems to occur on a weekly basis, I throw it on the list. When one company buys another, I update the notebook. When I see a product demonstration, I create a page in my notebook and add screenshots, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses.

The list has been growing and growing—there are now 100+ vendors! And since we’re mostly focused with building optimization and performance at Nexus, this only includes a small portion of everything underneath the broad and ambiguous “smart buildings” umbrella.

Recently, I’ve had two realizations about my little notebook:

The list (and the marketplace itself) is overwhelming. We need a framework to cut through the noise. That’s the focus of the Nexus Deep Dive: Evaluating Smart Building Tech. Over time, we’ll apply the framework to improve and evolve the Vendor Landscape. Here’s the current roadmap:

  • Stage 1: What are all the technologies in this marketplace? What are the rough categories?
  • Stage 2: How can we categorize them using the framework?
  • Stage 3: What are the nuances that differentiate vendors in each category?
  • Stage 4: How are the leading building owners deploying these technologies in an open ecosystem (e.g. All-Star Game)?

I need to share this list. It seems like the industry is spending a lot of collective time on making lists and keeping them updated. This is time we could all be spending time on improving our products, services, and buildings. The Nexus Pro membership can be a place to share and compare our notes. Then we can focus on what truly matters: differentiating ourselves, creating partnerships, digitizing buildings, stopping climate change… that kind of stuff.

Without further ado, here it is!

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