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🎧 #010: Friendly rants volume 1: the true costs

🎧 #010: Friendly rants volume 1: the true costs
If the first outcome of your project is that you surprise a client with a fee that you didn't warn them could happen, you've failed before you've even gotten out of the gates.

—Dennis Krieger

Hey friends,

This is the first installment of a new series of shorter, more casual podcast conversations called Friendly Rants. These episodes are quick, 10-ish minute episodes on something that pisses us off. Everyone loves a good rant, right?

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So why “Friendly” Rants? First, because our guest is my good friend Dennis Krieger (LinkedIn). Second, because we’re not here to talk sh*t on anyone (unless they truly deserve it of course). And third, because we’re not here to complain… we promise to propose a solution to our rant.


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