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🎧 #017: Friendly rants volume 4: You can't get fired for...

🎧 #017: Friendly rants volume 4: You can't get fired for...
“It wasn’t like a pilot. They didn’t feel the need to go scrutinize and validate and make sure that they made the right decision, so the [problem] just lingered on and on for multiple years… It’s like the opposite of the pilot issue, almost an overconfidence that this will be your selected vendor and blindly committing, without taking a step back and actually challenging that along the way.”

Hey friends,

This is the fourth installment of a new series of shorter, more casual podcast conversations called Friendly Rants. These episodes are quick, 10-ish minute episodes on something that pisses us off. Everyone loves a good rant, right?

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So why “Friendly” Rants? First, because our guest is my good friend Dennis Krieger (LinkedIn).

Second, because we’re not here to talk sh*t on anyone (unless they truly deserve it of course). One could argue that sh*t has been talked on this one and this rule has been broken. Hopefully, everyone sees that I tried to be as fair as I could and had to call out the company to tell my full story and get the truth out there.

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And third, because we’re not here to complain… we promise to propose a solution to our rant.


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