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January Pro Membership Digest

Hey friends,

Welcome to the Nexus Pro member digest… a collection of recent highlights you shouldn’t miss.

These digests are designed to save you time and allow you to catch up on the whole month. Then you can dive deeper wherever you’d like.



1—Members-only goodies from January 2022

We shipped lots of fun community deliverables this month! Lori Dunn agrees...

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  1. Vendor Landscape—We updated the Nexus Vendor Landscape and converted it to an AirTable database. Each product/tech vendor I know about is now tagged according to the Nexus Evaluation Framework so you know what they do! Discuss this update here!
  2. The Lens: The Energy Spreadsheet Must Die—In Volume 7 of The Lens, I unpacked what I see as the biggest opportunity in decarbonization software.
  3. SME Workshop: Brick Schema, what's new?—In January's SME workshop, Jason Koh and Gabe Fierro of Brick Schema walked us through an update on Brick, how to use it, and how it relates to other ontologies.
  4. Member Gathering: Digital Twins in 2022—We have a lot of members working on digital twins! In this month's gathering (recording), we heard from three of them: Josh Adams of Animated Insights, Tony Harris of e-Magic, and Anand Mecheri of Invicara.

2—Interesting member conversations

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