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Monash University: The Kraken Emerges

In our Nexus Live series, we host industry-shifting conversations in front of a live audience. These sessions are education-driven, they cut through the marketing fluff, and they aren’t salesy or pay-to-play.

Our sixth live broadcast was in collaboration with Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and featuring Rob Brimblecombe (guest on Nexus Podcast episode #49).

Together with Monash University's vendors—including BrainBox AI, Splunk, Clockworks Analytics, Microsoft, Buildings IOT, and Edge Semantics—we explored the real life experience of how various commercial digital building solutions can be utilized to develop building data models, create a secure common data layer and enable cloud based advanced analytics and supervisory control.

What we covered:

  • Establishing a common data model, data layer, and cloud connectivity
  • Building data model development and maintenance
  • Establishing secure cloud connectivity and common data/model access
  • Putting the data model into action
  • Cloud-based analytics: Using data to direct maintenance
  • Advanced Supervisory Control for energy and demand optimization

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