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The Wall of Shame [Nexus Newsletter #88]

Hey friends,

We have lots to share "At the Nexus" below, so let's keep this section short and sweet this week!

Did you know our Nexus Pro members have a "Wall of Shame" where we post pictures of not-so-smart building systems?

Here's a fun example from member Mike Barker:

If you're confused by that, you're not alone. I love the 7-to-1 and 1-to-7.


P.S. Mike is also our presenter for this month's member-taught SME workshop. He'll discuss the overlap between the energy modeling and smart buildings world. Join Pro to get the invite right away.

At the Nexus

Here’s everything we published this week:

The Lens: Energy Program Management (Pro members only)—The Lens is a monthly-ish recurring series where I unpack the strategy and context behind the news in as few bullet points as possible. Volume 5 is a special edition focused on energy efficiency program management. It’s a follow up from last month’s Live Broadcast on trends in the energy management software space. I talked way too fast, so this is a chance to slow down on one of the key points.


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🎧 #063: Ryan Morris and Marti Ogram on Turntide's Technology for Sustainable OperationsNexus Podcast Episode 63 is a conversation with Ryan Morris, Chairman and CEO of Turntide Technologies and another special guest, Marti Ogram, Director of Sales Automation at Turntide and former Co-Founder of Riptide.

This is a deep dive into Turntide's recent acquisition of Riptide, why they did it, how it complements the motor offering, and where the combined company is headed with their new software platform.

[Also: sorry about all the errors in last week's podcast email... we're working on our quality control!]


Live Broadcast #3: Texas Tower, A SmartScore case study with HinesFor our August Live Broadcast, we're partnering with Hines and WiredScore to dig into the amazing Texas Tower project and walk through exactly what makes it a smart building.

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Signal vs. Noise

Only the best smart building resources we consumed this week…


AlphaBuilding: A Synthetic Building Operation Dataset—A new sample data set from Berkeley Lab, with use cases such as building energy and load shape benchmarking, energy model calibration, evaluation of occupant and weather variability and their influences on building performance, algorithm development and testing for thermal and energy load prediction, model predictive control, policy development for reinforcement learning based building controls.


ASHRAE on Digital Twins Part One: Answering The Hard QuestionsI haven't seen the ASHRAE journal covering digital twins yet. Here's the first of a new two-part series, where the authors provide several detailed example use cases.

"Those answers often require triangulation of data from multiple sources and data gathering from multiple departments because information is often incomplete, in disparate systems or lacks useful integration and key performance indicators (KPIs).​Gathering this information, applying proper analytic techniques and making actionable, timely decisions are fundamental stumbling blocks that often lead to speed-to-market delays."

I like this article, but:

  • I think it's vital to point out: unless the software was built and procured with these sorts of specific use cases in mind, it's highly unlikely to have the right capabilities. Especially considering the wide array of use cases proposed by the authors.
  • My take is that the authors are way ahead of the software marketplace here. It would have been nice for them to point that out to cut down on the hype.


10% of London's Office Supply Could Be Obsolete When Energy Efficiency Standards Take Effect, Colliers SaysUnder the new standards, set to be introduced in 2023, buildings in England and Wales with an energy efficiency rating lower than ‘E’ will not be able to close new leasings.

"It raises questions about the future of these office blocks, particularly at a time when many workers are pushing to partly work from home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic."


That's all for this week! Thanks for reading. 👋