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Your July Member Digest [Nexus Pro]

Hey friends,

Welcome to the Nexus Pro member digest… a collection of recent highlights you shouldn’t miss.

These digests are designed to save you time and allow you to catch up on the whole month. Then you can dive deeper wherever you’d like.



1—Newsletter & podcast highlights

As always, we shipped our Tuesday newsletter and Thursday podcast each week this month. I also re-committed to daily LinkedIn instigation (😂) on Monday-Thursday.

My highlights for the short-on-time:

  • We re-launched our Jobs board to help connect seekers and hirers
  • We wrapped up our 10 part series on Nexus Lore: The core concepts of the community. Then we turned it into a sweet slide deck! Then we turned it into a white paper!
  • We published our second M&A roundup with Joe Aamidor, with discussions that add depth to our analysis of Measurabl+Hatch and Arcadia+Urjanet. This time, we brought in Jeanne Casey. Definitely don't miss Jeanne's take on the current technology investment market conditions. It starts at 4:38.
  • The other podcasts were deep dives on specific tech with true experts: Access Control, Wireless (Distributed Antenna Systems mostly), and Tenant Apps. I learned a ton from these.
  • On LinkedIn, don't miss the What's a BOS? and IDLs in Europe discussion.


2—Members-only goodies from June 2022

The Nexus Pro Library—This month, we shipped new resource databases for you to use and contribute to!

Please contribute your favorite Specs, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, Case Studies, White Papers, Research, and Reports!

I think we can all agree: this stuff is not where the true value lies in Smart Buildings. So let's share the best of what we have.


Decarbonizing Existing Buildings: Today’s Software MarketplaceIn this webinar, I explored the 6 tools most building owners use today, the 7 gaps that new products can fill, and 8 trends through recent mergers and acquisitions.


SME Workshop with Bryce Anderson on BMS Trends Today and TomorrowIndependent Building Automation Consultant at Lifecycle Controls, Bryce Anderson on BMS trends today and tomorrow.

My main takeaways from Bryce's hot takes:

  • BMS/BAS vendors missed a major opportunity over the last decade or so. It's unlikely they're going to circle back and capitalize.
  • Any company who deploys new tech that depends on the BAS or the BAS contractor needs to understand the risk.
  • The future of BAS will be more of an emphasis on HVAC hardware and less on software and supervisory controllers. Back where it started.

This talk reminded me of our two different three part series on:


July Pro Member Gathering with Blake Hyde on Cadillac Fairview's Smart Buildings ProgramSmart Buildings Manager and Nexus Pro member, Blake Hyde, on Cadillac Fairview's Smart Buildings Program.


3—Interesting chatroom posts and conversations


4—New Members

Here are our new members from July. If you see these names around Nexus Connect, take some time to say hello!

  • Elliot Alvarez, Altura Associates
  • Megan Angus, HH Angus & Associates
  • Eric Bradley, Taurus Investment Holdings
  • James Curry, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Scott Dare, Carbon Light House
  • Philip Dowds, Okto Technologies
  • Nicholas Dumoulin, Dream CA
  • Alex Eplan, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Richard Farmer, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Robert Franza, Sustainable Living Innovations
  • Tom Kunhardt, Correlate Inc
  • David Leestma, Smart Building Services
  • Michael MacMahon, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Paul Maximuk, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Matthew Newton, Bloomberg LP
  • Zach Nolan, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Oliver Poumeyrol, VayanData
  • Jody Resnick, Siemens
  • Megan Scott, Commercial Properties Limited
  • Sean Stackhouse
  • Adam Stein, Gridium Inc
  • Jamie Stevenson, Danis
  • Matthew Turk, Newcomb & Boyd
  • Hampton Whatley, Newcomb & Boyd
  • McGee Young, WattCarbon

(If your name doesn't have a link, you haven't created your profile on Nexus Connect! Hit reply and we'll help get you sorted out.)


5—SME Workshops featuring… you!

What are you an expert in? I know that each of you has a deep expertise that would help us move forward as a community. Our SME workshops are a great way to get your name out there, build relationships, and get feedback on your ideas.

To grab a spot on our calendar in the future to teach the community... just hit reply and we'll work out the details.


6—Upcoming events

There's a lot of fun to be had in August! Here are a few things to look forward to...

  • New Member Orientation: Nexus Founder, James Dice, hosts an introduction to the Nexus Labs Community and how you access and take advantage of all the resources that come with your Pro Membership. This is for new members or those who've not taken advantage of all the resources at the Nexus Community. August 16th @ 3:00pm MT
  • Subject Matter Expert Workshop: Pro Member, Michelle Zamora, will be our expert on Creating Better Places in the Metaverse of Milano Innovation District (MIND). August 8th @ 4:00pm MT
  • Pro Member Gathering: The subject is TBA. August 31st @ 9:00am MT.

Invites to come...


7—Build the future of this community with us!

Here’s what we’re working on in August…

  • The Lens: What types of BOS are on the market today?
  • The Lens: Sparkfund acquires (mystery company) 😉
  • Event planning: Looking for speakers for October's SME workshop and September's Pro member gathering
  • We're working on deploying Single Sign On to improve your user experience
  • Adding resources to the Nexus Pro Library. Please help!

Feel free to provide feedback and input whenever you'd like!


Thanks for reading and thanks for being a Nexus Pro member. As always, I’d love if you hit reply and let me know how we can improve your membership.


P.S. for all of you new members, here are some handy links:

P.P.S Did you know we have enterprise memberships? Hit reply if you'd like to see more of your colleagues in Pro.