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Your March Member Digest [Nexus Pro]

Hey friends,

Welcome to the Nexus Pro member digest… a collection of recent highlights you shouldn’t miss.

These digests are designed to save you time and allow you to catch up on the whole month. Then you can dive deeper wherever you’d like.


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1—Members-only goodies from March 2022

  1. Members' reactions to JCI lawsuitsSince I sent out the news about JCI suing upstarts, I’ve received 35 email replies and our LinkedIn post has been viewed over 25,000 times. I even learned about a third lawsuit—this time versus KMC Controls. It’s an understatement to say this has struck a nerve within our community. I wrote more about your reactions here. Since many of you responded with the desire to take action, I created this dedicated space to discuss collaboration. After some initial energy around this, it seems to have died down... sigh...
  2. Vendor Landscape—After January's big update, I heard from many of you who shared your own versions of the Vendor Landscape. I'm working on auditing all of those and adding them to the master landscape. I added about 75 this month. I'm still working on categorizing and tagging all of the new ones!
  3. SME Workshop with Pete Swanson on The Elephant and the Giraffe—In March's SME workshop, Pro member Pete Swanson, Digital Technology Lead (AUS) at Mott MacDonald, presented on his experience in navigating how to brief with clients, how to understand what they really want, how to convert that into something a contractor can practically implement, the best ways to address the inevitable value engineering / cost management process and 3 key ways to ensure that when you deliver an Elephant your client isn’t expecting a Giraffe. Check it out if you missed it!
  4. Member Gathering: Dream's Net Zero Target—In addition to the usual fun, Pro member Lee Hodgkinson, Head of Sustainability & Technical Services at Dream Unlimited (one of Canada’s leading real estate companies with approximately $10 billion of assets under management), chatted with the group about Dream's plans for Net Zero and the technology involved. (Recording will be posted here soon)
  5. KPIs Database—Let's all collaborate on the most important KPIs to calculate and measure the success of smart building technology!
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2—Interesting member posts and conversations

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