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🎧 #031: Why technology in buildings is decades behind

“You built a building 25 years ago, and the stuff you put in there, it’s still there.”
-Keith Berkoben of Google

"For consumer facing technology, you know, people talk about the market working in all kinds of mysterious ways, but if you don't have a feedback path, the market doesn't work.”
- Andrew Rodgers of ACE IoT

“So you have this fundamental difference of perspective, where the people who ran the companies saw technology is a risk and a cost. And then you had the markets saying, well, I'm not going to go into that market and develop anything technological, because I can't get enough uptake. And between that and the .com bust…”
- Joe Gaspardone of Montgomery Technologies

“So you need this IT/OT hybrid skillset that really a lot of organizations just don’t have today.”
-Kyle Tooke of ThoughtWire

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Episode 31 is a special end of year episode. Today, we're not doing an interview, but a mashup of several interviews from this past year.


Specifically, this episode is every answer to my favorite podcast question—all mashed together. I'm hoping this episode will serve as an introduction to all the newcomers to our space that have the same question I've had:

Why the hell is the technology in buildings so far behind?

  1. Episode 5 with Troy Harvey of PassiveLogic (1:30)
  2. Episode 29 with Trevor Sodorff and Keith Berkoben of Google (10:45)
  3. Episode 19 with Tyson Soutter of Siemens (12:31)
  4. Episode 18 with Logan Soya of Aquicore (15:14)
  5. Episode 24 with Mike Brooman of Vanti (18:31)
  6. Episode 20 with Andrew Rodgers of ACE IoT (24:25)
  7. Episode 26 with Emmanuel Daniel of Microsoft (26:26)
  8. Episode 22 with Kyle Tooke of ThoughtWire (29:47; 34:40)
  9. Episode 27 with Joe Gaspardone of Montgomery Technologies (30:37)
  10. Episode 30 with Matthew Vogel of Microsoft (35:42)
  11. Episode 15 with Deb Noller of Switch Automation (38:00)

Nexus Pro members can find deep dives into all of these interviews, as well as details on the interviewees in our searchable Nexus archive.


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